Business and Finance Media Report



Relying on Hungary’s one and only international media intelligence tool PressMonitor, we monitor the national and international news sources in the field of business and finance on a daily basis. Our media monitoring service focuses on the most significant financial and economic events in Hungary such as:

    • macroeconomic trends,
    • mergers and acquisitions,
    • foreign direct investments,
    • public procurements,
    • foreign trade,
    • stock exchange listings,
    • financial market legislation.


The monitoring process relies on a keyword-based search, adjusted to your personal preferences. In this way, it is ensured that you get solely information relevant to your technical field or operation. Our sources for media monitoring comprise leading Hungarian and international economic, political and public news portals, printed periodicals as well as radio and television broadcasts. On request relevant foreign language releases are summarized in the form of short abstracts in Hungarian and English to eliminate language barriers.