Hungary Daily



We follow up the international coverage of Hungary by monitoring a wide range of media content:


79 European and American radio and TV channel broadcasts (e.g. CNN, BBC, Euronews, Sky News, NBC, ABC, Travel Channel, CNBC, Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya),
• hundreds of daily newspapers and periodicals including The Economist, Le Monde, The New York Times, Businessweek, Der Spiegel, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post,
• about 70,000 international news portals, tens of thousands of international and national community portals, blogs, forums,
• tens of thousands of community portals, social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and blogs, message boards and chatrooms.


Daily media coverage is accessible via your password protected PressMonitor account. Optionally, you can set up an e-mail alert: that delivers the news items directly to your mailbox. Upon request we deliver a bi-weekly or monthly Hungary media report that provides you with a clear picture of the country's international reputation. This well-structured report contains an intelligent index, main headlines, qualitative and quantitative graphs on media coverage, a brief summary on the main messages and sources, and publication dates of the main titles covered. To break the language barrier, the report is delivered either in Hungarian or English language.