Media monitoring keyword search in a wide range of media content


Efficient and quick data processing may challenge your company’s communication and PR activities. Keep up with the current events by relying on our cutting-edge information and language technology. Your professional aid is our trusted software environment: a web-based tool designed for your communication and PR activities. Take advantage of the benefits: customizable search options, ergonomic user interface, easy reporting and analysis capabilities, access to more than 80,000 online, print and broadcast news sources, close to real time.







Media analyticsquantitative and qualitative reports


Measure and assess your company’s media communication with PressMonitor. Easily and quickly create charts, graphs and maps. Visualize your media breaking it down to countries, languages, sources, tone and media types. Just a few clicks and you can share your reports with your colleagues in MS Word, MS Excel or PDF files.









Statistics – news activity and sentiment analysis


Visualizing your media coverage intensity can form the most important element of your report. Create up-to-date and impressive diagrams for an interval of your choice and export/insert them at ease.








Language technology in supoport of news summary and translation


We believe diversity is a key factor in success. When it comes to PressMonitor, we work with multilingual content. To make life easier, we have developed and integrated:

    • a spell-check tool for an impeccable grammar and spelling,
    • a terminology manager for a coherent and professional terminology,
    • a machine translator to ease understanding a wide range of languages,
    • a statistics-based tag cloud to visualize key messages in your media at a click 

of a button.







News searchfree-text search in more than 80 000 indexed sources


Take the Boolean operators and our free-text news search engine will enable you to search in more than 80 000 international and national media sources. Yet, you do not have to risk losing the focus. Your search engine results can be filtered and grouped by:

    • media types
    • publication date
    • countries and languages
    • To narrow down your search you might as well search only in title or lead.






Data export - reusing your key data in your own environment


One single interface with a range of functionalities. Compactness and integrity form vital part of our concept. Nevertheless, you can work with your data outside of the system by retrieving them and saving them as .pdf, .xls or .doc files. Press documentation, media reports and analysis can now be enriched with a wealth of data and graphs.










PR module - for better public relations


PressMonitor is also designed for supporting the daily work of PR specialists with easy-to-use functions on the interface such as:

    • media lists archive automatically built from authors' name
    • press release editor and distributor module
    • a backsearchable archive of press releases
    • newsletter editor
    • e-mail list manager