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In 14 languages about Pécs

In 2010, Pécs was designated the title of the European Capital of Culture besides Istambul and Essen. Our media monitoring and analyzing activity covered all the media events throughout the year that were connected to the series of programmes and the development project, with special attention to the countries of the three cultural capital cities, the EU member states, neighbouring countries and the United States.We prepared full texts and press clippings of news published in the national and international media on a daily basis. We worked mainly with Hungarian, English and German articles, but also with a significant amount of news items in Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, Portugal, Dutch, and even in Swedish, Polish, Slovak, and Danish. Media analyses were created monthly. In the framework of the project we digested 180 to 200 media appearances per month in 2010. The task required complex project coordination, not only with regard to press monitoring, but also because the numerous language pairs concerned.

Keep up with energy

Our client is present in many European countries with its subsidiaries, but eyes new potential markets as well. The client wishes to be informed first if its name pops up in the Serbian, Ukrainian or in the Bulgarian local press, while getting information about the activity of its competitors. In addition, following the global and European trends of the energy sector is also a must. Therefore, we support the multinational management’s everyday work and decisions with a morning news report that provides a summary of the major energy related events of 11 countries from the past 24 hours: brief, up-to-date, professional and English.

Political news for Europe

We won the complex task of performing press monitoring and writing abstracts in a tender launched by the Directorate-General for Communication of the European Parliament for four years. Within the framework of this task we follow the most significant Hungarian political events in the national printed and electronic press, as well as radio and television, with particular attention to the news about the European Parliament and members of the European Parliament. The abstracts of the most important news items in English and the respective original press clippings are available on the official website of the European Parliament.

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