"KELER and KELER KSZF have been using the services of TranzPress to monitor its continuously growing international clientele. As we undertake various levels of risks in our client-specific decisions on a daily base, it is essential for us to monitor the process of bankruptcy or liquidation, as well as to gain up-to-date information from the press from the relevant countries. This helps us in predicting any potential future problems. TranzPress provides a cost-effective solution to our media intelligence needs."
Károly Mátrai
"Due to our company’s active presence in the region’s several countries, it is essential for us to follow the relevant English language newscoverage in the press of the TriGranit countries on a daily basis. We found an excellent partner in TranzPress in the last two years, as the company has been able to find the relevant articles, precisely processing them and delivering us high-quality English language summaries."
Kovács Katalin
TriGranit Corporation - Senior PR Consultant
"Being up-to-date is essential for our activities, therefore having English language information retrieved from the domestic media is of great importance. TranzPress is an outstanding partner providing media monitoring and analytic services in high quality and efficiently. "
Lővei Andrea
Head of European Parliament Information Office
"I have been using PressMonitor since year 2009. The media intelligence desktop covers an unprecedented wide range of traditional and social media sources. It helps a great deal in following up the media coverage of my activity and public appearances. "
dr. Deutsch Tamás
Member of the European Parliament
"We first worked with TranzPress back in 2010 in the framework of Pécs - European Capital of Culture.They supplied us with qualitative and quantitative analysis of the event's media coverage from 11 countries. The project was complex since they had to handle a number of languages, but due to their state of the art media monitoring technology and good project management skills they delivered an excellent service. "
Szőke Eszter
Sensation PR - Account Manager
"TranzPress, our member organization makes available our national and foreign online media coverage on one single platform close to real time. This is a huge help to our daily work."
Antos László
Hungarian Association for Innovation - Managing Director
"PressMonitor delivers media coverage from an unprecedented wide-range of international sources both mainstream and social. "
Tihanyi László
European Commission - Software Engineer, Directorate General for Translation